Employment Criteria

Employment and career development in Linuo will be dependent on one’s virtues and ability.

Five Kinds of Non-employment

Our employees are expected to be filial to their parents, loyal to their friends, polite to other people, trustworthy to the clients and benevolent to the people in need.

Five Kinds of Employees Will Be Rejected

We will neither hire those who are greedy for fortune or fame, nor those who do not have the necessary ability but are reluctant to learn, nor those who look down upon poor people.

Four What-matters-not, Six What-matters

Our employees shall have the ability of quick learning, the resolution to face challenges, the devotion to work as well as the sense of responsibility, loyalty and professionalism.

Principles of Human Resources Management

We provide:
A balanced work environment between work and life;
A standardized, professional, goal-oriented training system and career path;
A long-term incentive mechanism;
A platform for personal and professional development.